The words ‘Data Visualization have come to encompass a vast vocabulary of skills, methods, thought process, insights and philosophy. And it has come to mean different things to different people businesses or walks of life. And this is especially true, in a country like India, where both the academic and professional fronts are barely just beginning to explore this vast space.


  • → Understand how the brain perceives information.
  • → Recognize the visual characteristics of data that are meaningful
  • → Match the chosen audience to the message using specific thumb rules of visualization
  • → Design tables and graphs to effectively communicate stories from the data.
  • → Evaluate what works and why in an information view
  • → Perceive how colors can be used quantitatively
  • → Visualize KPI’s on a dashboard for effective decision making
  • → Organize large sets of data in easy to understand formats
  • How we can help

  • Conduct hands on workshops
  • Evaluate and collaborate on existing visualizations to enhance them
  • Conduct guest lectures to equip participants with practical analytical skills
  • Train analysts to effectively communicate business insights from data
  • Teach how, when and why to create different visualizations from the same data
  • About the Instructor

    Raghavshyam (Shaam) Ramamurthy,

    Analytics consultant with an emphasis on data visualization

    Raghavshyam (Shaam) Ramamurthy is a data visualization consultant with 15 years of experience across the globe. Shaam completed his MBA at Whitman School of Management at Syracuse, NY specializing in Supply Chain Management. He has experience across a variety of industries like manufacturing, chemical processing and utilities. Shaam consults on Visual analytics, KPI management, Dashboard development, product development and corporate training. He has a strong passion for teaching and is an adjunct faculty at IIT-Madras, Great Lakes Institute of Management and SSN Group of Institutions where he teaches data visualization at various levels.

    This interactive dashboard below showcases examples of my students' output for the courses that I teach.